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Does Propecia actually work?

Propecia is effective in treating male pattern hair loss but the risks may outweigh the benefits. Although Merck marketed the drug as benefiting 9 out of 10 men, clinical trials and studies in recent years accuse Merck of providing false or misleading information regarding side effects to consumers and doctors.

The most damaging claims are associated with persistent sexual dysfunction. Data obtained from a 2012 FDA investigation, revealed that 14% of cases experienced sexual dysfunction for at least 3 months after using Propecia. However an American study undertaken by Irwig and Kolukula from George Washington University in 2011 revealed that the actual average duration of sexual side effects was close to 40 months.

Although the FDA doesn’t acknowledge a direct link between Propecia and sexual dysfunction, it does recognize enough data from clinical trials to strengthen their warning labels to suggest the drug may cause adverse side effects.

It is recommended that potential patients who are considering prescribing to Propecia warrant their own personal research to determine if it is a suitable drug for them.

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