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Safety and Storage for Propecia

Propecia is product tailored for men and should not be used by women and children. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not handle Propecia tablets because of the active ingredients. Although the tablets are coated in film to prevent contact, if they are crushed, broken or wet, it could be absorbed through the skin and cause male babies to be born with sex organ abnormalities. If contact is made, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before seeking advice of a doctor. According to tests done by Merck, Propecia does pass through the semen but will not harm the unborn baby.

Propecia should not be given to anyone who hasn’t been prescribed. It is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous as they may have medical conditions or be taking other drugs that may not interact well with Propecia.

Furthermore it’s important to take note that some sporting agencies have banned the use of Propecia as it masks steroid use. Donating blood while taking Propecia is also prohibited unless it’s been at least a month before the last dose was taken.

Store the product at room temperature in a tightly closed container away from heat, light and moisture. Keep children out of reach.

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